Our Generations Inc. is an outpatient mental health clinic that offers culturally specific services for communities of color. It was started to create a mental health agency where individuals and families within their communities can feel safe, heard, and seen. Recognizing disparities within the health industries motivated us to create an agency whose main focus is to build trust in communities of color and break cultural stigmas surrounding mental health. Our Generations Inc. values integrity, cultural diversity, social justice, transparency, and acceptance. It is our hope to break cultural stigmas by exposing individuals to quality care and building therapeutic relationships.

Our mission is to empower our generations of all walks of life, to feel safe, heard, and seen by creating an environment in which one can be their full authentic selves.


Comprehensive Community Services
For more information about CCS or how to apply for this program, please visit: https://danecountyhumanservices.org/ccs/dox/brochure.pdf. For questions and/or assistance in applying for the program, feel free to contact our main office at 608-405-3002.

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